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Submitted   May 20, 2013
Condition   Used
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Details   TIFFANY & CO STERLING SILVER DOUBLE VEGETABLE DISH TRAY HEAVY RARE DESIGN This stunning item up for auction is a TIFFANY AND COMPANY'S 1907-1938 rectangle double vegetable dish with top it features extremely unique design pattern that have not been seen on eBay before. this piece is in amazing condition besides minor scratches/ normal wear for an item this old, it just needs a cleaning and polish. We do not polish any of our silver as it is up to the buyer / collector to do so . This piece was part of a Hampton's Estate it is very beautiful and would look amazing on any table for a elegant dinner or any shelf as a collectors piece. Bid with confidence this is the real deal !! Specs: Weight: Bottom: 699.1 in grams-- Top : 745.5 in grams Length: approx 10 inches---- width: approx 9 inches---- Height: approx 4 inches HALLMARK READS AS FOLLOWED:: 18258b MAKERS 10609---925-1000 m Composition: sterling silver
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