Item Type   Jewelry
Submitted   May 28, 2013
Condition   Used - Good Condition
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Details   Set Necklace Earrings Ring Bracelet Diamond 14K Gold Signed ~ 29.1 Grams Modern This beautiful set up for auction Features All 14k white gold With diamond chips. Comes with Bracelet, Ring, Earrings, And matching drop necklace. The condition is good may need a polish by your local jeweler to be perfect. The diamonds are at least i-1 clarity. Color is approximately i-k Specs: Necklace: 15.7 grams~ about 16 inches long~ 27 diamonds total Ring: 3.5 grams~ size 7~ 13 diamonds total Earrings: 2.5 grams ~ about 1 inch long drop style~ 20 diamonds total Bracelet: about 7 inches~ 7.3 grams~ 25 diamonds total
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