SELLING - Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Selling Work?

YouPawn makes it easy to get you cash for the items you own in just a few steps: Step 1: Submit Your Item Post a description and a photo of your item on Step 2: Get Offers Sit back and watch the offers come in. You pick the best one. Step 3: Ship Goods Print a shipping label and ship your item for appraisal. Step 4: Get Cash Once you’ve accepted sale offer, we’ll ship your item to the buyer and your funds will be sent to you electronically within 24 hours.

Should I Sell or Pawn?

Great question. Basically, it comes down to whether or not you want your item back. If you’d like to get your item back, then you should pawn. But if it’s an item you no longer want, then selling is the best way to go.

What are the advantages of selling an item through YouPawn?

Glad you asked! Selling an item through YouPawn offers several advantages: SPEED: You can receive offers almost immediately. CHOICE: You’ll usually get multiple offers, just choose the best one.

Do I need to have a bank account to sell my item?

Yes. For all item sold through YouPawn, you’ll receive funds via an electronic transfer which is deposited directly into your bank account.

Could I make more money selling it myself?

It’s possible, but with YouPawn you don’t have to deal with questionable shipping and payment methods. Also, unless you frequently sell items online and have established a good seller rating it’s very difficult to attract buyers. YouPawn offers speed, ease and efficiency.