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TruePawn is our commitment to provide true value to all of our customers. Our TruePawn value software ensures that you are getting the true value of your item that you sell or pawn to us. Don't get shorthanded buy other untrustworthy pawnshops; trust us to get you the most cash when you need it.

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Rare Coins

Are you looking to sell your coin collection and want to know the coin values for the numismatic items you own? Click the button below to go to the Numismatic Database (our partner website) to determine the value of your rare coins, medals and notes. Learn everything you need to know about coin collecting.

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Why Pawn?  

Pawning is the easiest way to get cash while not having to give up your valuables:

  1. No Obligation
    YouPawn sends you a no-obligation offer instantly, for free!
  2. No Credit Check
    If you choose to not repay the loan, there is zero effect on your credit score!
  3. No Regrets!
    Unlike selling, YouPawn enables you to keep your valuable items!

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Customer Testimonials

YouPawn's innovative approach connects a community of pawn enthusiasts and empowers them to interact and transact across borders. We call it "Social Pawning®," and it allows individuals to play many roles: get a loan, give a loan, buy and sell. Now anyone and everyone can participate in all aspects of pawning. Additionally, by connecting you with a larger pawning community, YouPawn lets you explore opportunities beyond your local pawn shop.

"YouPawn really makes you feel at ease throughout the whole loan process. I'm recommending YouPawn to everyone I know!"

Charles Evans / Manhattan, NY

"So many companies now have poor customer service... It's great to find a company that really cares about what they do."

Paul Johnson / Los Angeles, CA

"I have pawned with YouPawn on four occasions, and every time they have been amazingly helpful! It really is simple."

Jeff Collins / Phoenix, AZ