Good Morning, and Welcome to a New Era of Pawning

January 31, 2012

At last, it''s happened.  The 3,000 year old industry of pawning has taken a giant step forward by entering the digital era.

Pawning, which originated in China, has traditionally been a brick and mortar business - but no more!  YouPawn has disrupted this standard, and invented an entirely new way of pawning: virtually, online and built around social experiences.

Every other industry has evolved into transacting online - many call it social commerce.  And now, so has pawning, thanks to YouPawn''s innovative approach to connecting a community of pawn enthusiasts and empowering them to interact and transact across borders - we call it social pawning ®.

Welcome to, the first-ever peer based pawning platform.

We''re here to keep pawnbrokers honest, to put cash in pawners'' pockets, and to curate a new type of pawning experience that is social and rewarding.

Happy pawning!

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