The Advantage of Online Pawn Shops

October 23, 2013

By themselves, brick-and-mortar pawn shops are already awesome sources of quick bucks. Even if they give you a loan equivalent to a small percentage of the value of the pawned item, that percentage is nothing to sneeze at if the item in question is a Swiss watch or a ring from Tiffany’s. But why stop at brick-and-mortar establishments? Why not take your pawning skills further and start dealing with online pawn shops? Three letters: CSS. C for Choice, S for Speed, and another S for Security. (There’s one more, actually, but we’ll get to that later.) Choice If you pawn your treasured possession in a traditional pawn shop, you have little to no control over the cash you receive in exchange for it. Once the other party makes an offer, you can take it or leave it—unless you have exceptional negotiating skills. And even if you try to haggle, it might take you a long time before you find an offer suitable for both of you. Not exactly an efficient way to cash in on a luxury item, right? Online pawn shops, on the other hand, do away with all that inefficiency. Just post a picture and description of your item, wait for the offers to pour in, and make your choice among them. That’s the time you can ship it to the one who had the best loan offer. Security Because the item leaves your hands only after you’ve become comfortable with an offer, online pawn shops are actually more secure compared to traditional ones. You still have time to do your research on the fair market value of your treasured possession, as well as take the necessary precautions to ensure that there is a legitimate loan offer waiting for you at the other end. There’s also the issue of delivering the item to the pawn shop. How do you know if the item is in safe hands? Online pawn shops solve this problem through personalized shipping labels that clearly indicate where your Swiss watch or Tiffany’s ring should go. Flexibility No more waiting for days or even weeks to get a decent offer; just a few clicks and keystrokes are enough to get by. Aside from CSS, YouPawn offers flexibility. Here, you can pawn, buy and sell an item. If that Swiss watch has sentimental value to you, you can pawn it and get it back, as long as you comply with the loan terms. If that Tiffany ring brings too many painful memories, and you want to avoid the burden of a loan, you can sell it, and that’s that. With YouPawn, you pawn. Get started today!

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