Why get a pawn loan

It's Simple
Pawning is a simple business model that allows you to borrow money (the loan) against your valuables (collateral) for a specific period of time. It’s an easy way to turn valuables you don’t want to sell into a quick, secure and affordable loan.

From the Comfort and Privacy of Your Home
YouPawn makes pawning even easier by bringing it online. Dozens of pawn shops will review your loan request and collateral, and YouPawn will bring the best offer back to you. You'll get a preliminary offer without you or your item ever leaving home!

YouPawn has several advantages over traditional loans or selling an item:

  1. No Obligation
    Free, no-obligation preliminary offer: Based on your collateral description and loan request, You Pawn sends you a preliminary offer via email for free. You’re under no obligation to accept.
  2. Free Shipping!
    Free shipping: If you decide to pursue the loan, we offer free FedEx shipping and insurance so you can send us your collateral for closer inspection.
  3. Secure Storage
    You maintain the "rights" to the item. YouPawn securely stores your item during the course of the loan, but once your loan is paid off your item gets sent back to you!
  4. No Regrets
    No "seller's remorse." Unlike selling an item on Craigslist or eBay, pawning with YouPawn allows you to get the item back. This is especially good for items with sentimental value.
  5. No Credit Check!
    All it takes is something of value (collateral) to guarantee your pawn loan. There's no link to your credit: If for some reason you don't repay the loan, you keep the cash and YouPawn keeps your collateral and there is no connection to or effect on your credit rating whatsoever!