GENERAL - Frequently Asked Questions

How long has YouPawn been in business?

YouPawn was started in December of 2010.

Do I need to have a bank account to pawn or sell my item?

Yes. For all items pawned and/or sold through YouPawn, you’ll receive funds via an electronic transfer which is deposited directly into your bank account.

What are acceptable payment methods?

Currently, we only accept electronic payments through

Does YouPawn cover the cost of shipping?


Does YouPawn provide insurance?

Yes, up to $1,000.

How do I get 20-30 percent more cash back from your site?

It's all about empowerment. Most of the time when customers go into a pawn shop, they accept the first loan offer that's given to them. But is that the best possible loan that you can get? With YouPawn, our goal is to give you multiple loan offers so that investors compete to get your business. With competition, we'll help ensure that you get the best possible loan offer, all from the comfort of your own home.

What does AA rating mean?

This is the investment's "risk rating" that gives users additional confidence in the their investment choices. "AA" is a very low risk investment opportunity.

Why is YouPawn only available in the US?

We're hoping to expand to other countries in the near future, but for now, we're just focused on the US. Stay tuned!

Can I post a photo from the manufacturer or does it have to be a photo I take myself?

It should be a photo that you take yourself so that we can accurately assess the condition of the item.

How do I take and upload a photo of my item?

The easiest way for most people will be the following: 1. Take a photo with your phone 2. Email it to yourself 3. Download the photo to your computer 4. Upload it to YouPawn We know it's not the quickest way, but we're working on some solutions for the future. Stay tuned!

Is YouPawn one word or two?

It's one word. But, if you want it to be two, we'll let it slide as long as your type in our URL correctly: :-)